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The Protectors

The older I get the more I realize how smart my parents were when raising me.

I think this is something most of us can relate to when looking back at our lives. When our parents said, "no," to some of the things we wanted to do or have, they were right. In fact they were protecting us.

Some can't relate to this, because you didn't have a protector. Or maybe you did, but some things still slipped through the cracks.

Kids need the freedom to be a kid, and sometimes that means keeping them from things and places that will rob them of that freedom.

Kids need the freedom to be a kid...

Some things are too much for a kid to bear, and we have to carry the load away even if they are upset or mad that other kids get this and that, or that it's unfair.

We have to prepare them, not shove them out.

In our world today it is easier and easier to find things that shouldn't be, that shouldn't exist. Some studies have found kids as young as 11 viewing pornography. Throughout my time as a youth ministry worker, kids have mentioned watching movies that are full of content they aren't ready for and are presented in a way that's supposed to be funny. Sometimes they watched it with adults. They quote movies and lyrics, without the maturity to fully understand what they are actually saying, and their innocence is being chipped away before they are ready.

The role as a parent is a huge undertaking, and kids need a parent who protects. Parents have the opportunity to make the world a better place with the way they raise their child. We know kids all still have free will and are on a journey to become their own people, and they will fail sometimes even with guidance. But you can make a difference, and out of everyone in the history of everything, God chose you to parent your child. You can be the parent your kid needs.

Take time and consider what your kids are consuming, talk and listen to them to see what burdens they are carrying. Remember good parents listen. There's too much darkness in this world, so bring a light to your kid, and help them to shine. Let their childhood be a bright time for them to be able to look back on in the future. Even if it means they didn't have a smartphone, or that they didn't get to go to those parties. And when they mess up, be the one who helps them up and learn from their mistakes.

Failure is not final unless we do not learn from our mistakes. When our kids stumble and fall down, they need a helping hand. Show grace, have mercy, and give them peace. And remember to show that same mercy to yourself when you find your kid has messed up. You are not a failure, you can learn and grow.

Failure is not final unless we do not learn from our mistakes.

Talk to them, and help them avoid those places where it's so easy to stumble. Adam Savage from MythBusters had a talk about porn with his sons you can read about here or listen to the podcast.

Your role as a parent is huge for your kid, and they need a parent who protects. I think the reason why kids will often push boundaries is because they want boundaries.

You have the opportunity to make the world a better place with the way you raise your child. You can make a difference. You can be the parent your kid needs.


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