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God's Doing New Things!

Hello MTC Community!

We are writing to you today to share with you some exciting new developments within the More Than Conquerors team. As you know, we talk to God about every single decision we make at MTC, and we do all we can to listen for His voice and obey His lead. That goes for every ministry, business, and personnel decision alike. That being said, I am so happy to introduce to you our newest team member, Nathaniel Iman! Nathaniel, who is already adored by the kids and adults alike, is stepping in as a full-time Director and Program Leader at MTC! Be sure to give him a warm welcome the next time you see him :)

Here is a word from Nathaniel:

My name is Nathaniel Iman, and I have been a volunteer at More Than Conquerors for the last several months. I'm pleased to announce that I will be transitioning from volunteer to staff member of More Than Conquerors.

After years of working in the youth ministry world across the country I feel excited to take on this new chapter. Getting to be a volunteer I have already gotten to get to know several of the students. They never fail to make days more exciting.

In the coming months I hope to help the students in their academic studies and in helping their faith grow. I know this organization is a great part of Pendleton and I look forward to being a positive part of this community.

Grace and peace, Nathaniel Iman

AND an exclusive sneak peek of Nathaniel's Bio for our ABOUT US page:

My name is Nathaniel, the newest staff member of MTC. I love a good story, exploring nature, and baking desserts. I am also one of the biggest nerds you will meet. I’m the guy who can tell you about the details of superhero movies, why Lord of the Rings movies misses out on featuring one of the coolest character in the books Tom Bombadil, and have memorized the konami code from my days of playing Nintendo.

I am from Missouri, but over the years I have been blessed with getting to serve in different types of ministries across the nation. Each place has been a time where God has shaped me into the man He wants me to be. From working with kids and protecting them from scorpions in the desert, to being the first to tell teenagers about who Jesus is while in Kansas, it has been an adventure. All of these different experiences have led me here, working with MTC to help this wonderful community.

During my time in college, the concept of servant leadership has been ingrained into my head by every professor. This is the mindset I take in serving with the other staff at MTC. I want to be a godly example for these students to follow. The influence we have is a great way to help others follow Jesus.

A verse that has been instrumental in my life is from 2 Corinthians 12:9, “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

I want every student to know that God’s grace is sufficient, no matter how weak we are, His grace is greater.


Now I must come to you on a more somber yet also exciting note.. We love to see all of our people grow and develop as God leads them, and it's really awesome to see what God is doing our dear MTC leader Katie Torrence's life!

Dear MTC-ers,

I am writing this letter today to inform you that my time with More Than Conquerors will come to an end August 14th, 2018. I will be taking a full-time position with a branding & design firm based in Fortville, known as Anderson Creative (Here’s the link if you’d like to know more about AC). This was not an easy choice, especially with my fellow founder, Esta Henderson, stepping away from the program as well. However, I see God’s hand in the timing. I am so excited for the direction and leadership for this next chapter of MTC.

Back in January of 2018, I was praying for God to breathe something new into my life. You see, I have all these creative tendencies, and no real avenue or training to do anything with them. I knew He, the Father of all creation, had put these in me and they were a good thing to be pursued. Fast forward a few months, and I randomly had coffee with a new friend, another thing He had been nudging me to do. I honestly just vented these feelings to her, how I desperately sought a fulfillment of the gifting I believe He has set in me. A week later, she offered me a part time job. I was shocked! In no way did I think my honest, complain-fest to her would be anything that would make someone want to hire me!

So after some prayer (“is this you, God??”), I accepted the role of creative assistant with Anderson Creative. I have absolutely no background in this type of thing other than my Psychology degree. Anderson Creative is a small, design collaborative. I slowly got to know the other brilliant minds who work here and look at all the amazing things they’ve created over the years. I fell in love with their style, creative process and philosophy. They agreed to train me in all aspects of the work, from web development, to brand strategy to event design and packaging. I started working on Fridays, our day off from MTC, doing a lot of content writing and administrative assignments. I can’t thank them enough for opening a whole new world to me.

I expected this to be a great opportunity to learn a whole new field, and potentially, with time, another line of work. I had no idea that time was fast approaching. Anderson Creative is growing fast and they officially offered me their first, full-time position at the beginning of July. I’ll be doing a lot of writing for them, as well as client relations and brand strategy. I also get to continue to learn about each of the different facets of the business and see where I’m best suited.

It was pretty obvious to me that God had led my steps into this organization. But I bent my knees in prayer for guidance, especially on timing. I have been with IMAGINE IF, now MTC, since 2012. This ministry literally saved my life. I was living in Bloomington after I had graduated college back in 2012. I was broken, homeless, car-less, alone and far from God. I got a call from Bob Petty asking me to come home and volunteer for this faith-based after school thing he was trying. He had asked me multiple times, and I was finally too beaten down to say no. That ended up being the beginning of God’s rescue for me. I came home to my Jesus-filled momma. I started to go to church again, being filled up by His Spirit at IMAGINE IF every week, and really worked on allowing God’s love to fully fill my heart. I went through 21 days of consecration and was given a healing miracle that took away an incurable disease. He fully redeemed me and gave me a new community of friends. Of people going hard after God and His plan for their lives.

I have learned so much from my time with these 2 organizations. I have watched God do miracles. I have seen the difference one can make just loving a hurting child. I have seen and heard and prayed over hardship after hardship with these beautiful little people. I’ve learned to discern to say one word of life and watch a whole being light up. How to be a loving disciplinary. I’ve played countless games, laughed a lot and hugged when I shouldn’t have (I’m known for being a beacon for lice, ha!) I’ve had beautiful families welcome me into their struggles and been honored to support them in the hard and the messy. I saw God drive out actual demons on multiple occasions! I watched a mute boy speak for the first time, telling jokes to strangers. I’ve seen a spirit of oppression leave a child. I’ve learned God is so much bigger and so much more personal than we give Him credit for. He is alive and active and desperately wants to be a part of your every second. Please open yourself up to his leading, his voice, His love. It has truly changed everything for me. I have been in the trenches with some of the best people in this world, just trying to get a bounce house setup or building a 5K finish line or how to best help a child. I have bonded with those willing to sacrifice their time, their hearts, their everything for God and these kids. I have seen servant leadership close up and that has changed me. I have learned to live with little and had the opportunity to see my God take care of me in huge ways. He gave me a car for crying out loud! I have gained financial freedom knowing He will just have to take care of that car bill, cause I just don’t have it. Not once has he left me hanging. I have seen one organization fall and watched Him create a way in the wilderness for another. I have had the privilege to work with so many amazing churches and people in this community going ALL OUT for His Kingdom.

I got to learn and pray and love on God all day long. I got to baptize some of your babies. I got to be one tiny, small piece of the amazing love God has for His children. What an honor. All I can do is thank Him for this time and opportunity. It is so hard to walk away. I fear leaving ministry, I fear the unknown of this new industry, I fear leaving my kids and my families. But God has said.

That’s all it really comes down to. God has said. He has said it is time. He has said He has new things for me at Anderson Creative. And I know He means what He says. I know I can trust that He has good for my life. He has made that abundantly clear.

He has also told me More Than Conquerors was His idea and is always in His hands. He has told me MTC will rise in this, to new places and new directions.

So all I can do is trust. Step boldly on the new path He has set before me and continue to look to Him for direction.

I want to thank everyone who has supported and loved me through these years and this organization. There are too many to count. Those who listened when I struggled. Those who supported the ministry or me personally. Those who delighted in our victories and those who comforted in our hardships. Those who prayed over us. Those who volunteered and sacrificed their time to show these youth how important they are--we have the best program leaders. Those who responded to last minute Facebook pleas. I implore you to continue to love, support and help this amazing ministry. It will continue to change our communities, one loved, strange child at a time ;) And watch to see the amazing places God will take it. I promise He won’t disappoint.

Thank you all so much. My heart is full and happy. I love you all and all the children and families I’ve had the honor to know through these programs. I have been so incredibly blessed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or anything. I will never not be here for every last one of you. I leave you with some words God spoke over me, which apply to each and every one of you as well.

“I am with you always, until the end of your days. I will clothe you, feed you, love you, You are my beloved, remember? I will never not take care of you. Enjoy this gift. Learn more of who I made you to be. Find me in new hidden places. Love and then love and then more love. Speak of my love. Be open with your own story. Never fear of mentioning my name. Ask if you are unsure. You know I will lead. Pepper me into your day continuously, whatever little reminders you need. I am patient. I wait for you. I delight when you call. I don’t nag, i just love. I love you.”

Katie Torrence (765) 623-6191


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