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Bittersweet News

Hello Friends,

It's Esta here, and I write to you today on a bittersweet topic. I have tears welling up already as I just begin this letter to you. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that my time leading at More Than Conquerors is coming to an end. As of Fall 2018, I will no longer be leading any MTC programs. This has not been an easy decision to make, but I know that it is the obedient choice.

I want you to be assured that this is not an abrupt or sudden decision based on emotion. This is something God has been speaking to me about, and I sought His guidance on when and how, and now I seek it in what it will all look like going forward. God has planted dreams in my heart that He is now calling me to move forward on. In so doing, He let me know that I am not to lead at More Than Conquerors any longer. There has been a strong sense of peace in this decision, and I know that is a peace that can only come from my Father. It is not an easy thing to do.. to leave the people and mission God planted and grew in my heart and life for so many years with IMAGINE IF then More Than Conquerors. It is not at all easy. But what is right isn't usually what is easy. I trust God in this though, and I demonstrate that trust by taking this incredibly difficult step away from MTC and into the uncertain.

I have loved getting to grow alongside your kids, your families, and our community! I cannot even explain the many ways God has blessed me through all of you. I love my job. I love MTC. I love all of you! I will miss hearing kids share about Jesus, answering tough questions, playing games with your kids, sharing dinners with your families, building relationships, walking through life with you all, and serving in these crazy, awesome, and many times small and beautiful ways that God has called me to at II and MTC. I will miss it all so much.. but I am incredibly honored to have even been able to be a part of this in any way. I am humbled as I look back at it all and realize the great call God entrusted me with, and that you all entrusted me with. I am honored, and the memories fill me with joy! I love you all so much!

Have no fear, MTC is stronger than ever! We are not going under. We do not plan on closing the doors. God is not done with More Than Conquerors! I still believe in and support everything about this organization, and I plan on still being involved in whatever way God leads me to and says is good.

I look forward to being at Camp Victorious all summer! It will be an incredible way to go out. I hope to see many of you and your kids at the End of Semester Party this Thursday (5/24) and over the summer!

Please know that I am an open book. If you have any questions, concerns, encouragement, or anything else you want to talk about, then please call me, text me, or email me -- 765.635.8664 or I would love to hear from you!

With Love,

Esta Henderson

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