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The Heart of Service

Service. Giving of your time, talent, & treasure to serve others.

Service is on the mind lately. We are in a season of heavily recruiting volunteers and financial supporters [it feels as if we are continually in such a season ha]. I have been coming across quotes, blogs, devotionals, etc on serving others quite often here recently. God is tugging on my heart strings with the topic of the heart of service.

One of my favorite books in the Bible is James [am I allowed to have favorites? ha]. James speaks highly of having a servant's heart and putting it to use in our world. He doesn't speak from a perspective of needing to earn your grace by doing good for others and in this world; rather, he speaks of acting on the heart change that takes place when you become a follower of Christ that causes you to long to do such things as serving others and improving the world we live in. This is the heart of service that I am speaking of.

When you truly have Jesus in your heart, your actions will show that. You will recognize the need in others. You will follow the urging of the Spirit to act in order to serve those in need of your time, talent, & treasure. The light of Jesus will shine through you. This is what I believe James is really trying to get across in chapter 2. When there is truly a transformation of your heart, then you don't have to try to do good for others. You just want to do good for others.

This service in action is not something that people do begrudgingly or against their will. This is service that comes from the drive of their heart. Does that mean it will always come easily? Heck no! We definitely have to use some self-discipline. We have to step into the uncomfortable and scary to meet people where they are. We have to put aside our own selfish ambitions in order to put God and others before ourselves. So no, it won't always come easily, and you will have to be intentional in your service.

However, when you step into the calling of your heart to serve, you will never regret the decision. You will reap what you sow. Your demeanor, personality, persona, whatever you want to call it will reflect exactly what you fill your heart with, and what you fill your time with is what you fill your heart with.

[I know I said we are in a season of seeking out volunteers and financial supporters. Please don't take this post as some crafty way of manipulating you into joining our ranks. This is simply the topic the Lord has placed on my heart to speak on. Of course we would love to have you if you are called to serve with More Than Conquerors, but please know these words were not written simply to pull you into that.]

I will leave you with this challenge. Get quiet with God. Ask Him to search your heart. Ask Him to reveal to you the fear and selfish ambition that holds you back from service. Ask Him to instill in you a servant's heart. Then go out and seek those opportunities to serve around you. I promise you won't regret it, even if it gets a little uncomfortable or messy in any of these steps. Persevere!

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