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Did You Miss Us?

Hello again! We're back! Haha.

It seems like we went on a little vacation there over the summer, but it was far from that. We had an incredible summer! It will be quite difficult to sum it all up in one little blog post.. but I'll do my best.

We continued full-force with all three of our outreach areas through the summer. This means we were with our Young Adults, our Families, and of course our Youth! :)

Young Adults Events

  • Six Weeks of Trivia Night Tuesdays at The Stable

  • Cornhole Tournament at Cowboys

  • Water Kickball in a field.. you know.. just a field

  • Guac & Games at Hacienda Vieja

[Check out photos of these events on our Facebook here.]

Family Fun Nights

  • Brown's Pool & Greek's Pizza Party

  • Championship Lanes Bowling & Pizza Party & Operation Love free School Supplies

  • Cookout & Family Olympics at Ovid Community Church

[Check out photos of these events on our Facebook here.]

Camp Victorious

There is no way you would want to read the endless ramblings I want to sprawl out here about camp this summer. The fact of the matter is that there is no way I can put the incredible and impactful summer we had at Camp Victorious into mere words and photos in a blog.

[By the way, there are TONS of Camp Victorious photos posted by week on our Facebook here. So definitely go browse through those!]

It was only by God's favor and plan that we were able to have Camp Victorious this summer, so we praise Him first and foremost for making it possible! We also give Him endless praise for the incredible adventures, meaningful lessons and encounters, developed relationships, and valuable art, science, & life skills!

Just to run you through our adventurous summer...

Field Trips:

  • Amazing Race at Falls Park

  • Lucas Oil Stadium Tour

  • Mounds State Park & Pool

  • Bowling

  • Pool Parties

  • Water Challenges & Games

  • Good's Candy Shop

  • Indianapolis Indians Game

  • Indianapolis Museum of Art

  • Brown's Pool

  • Riverside Canoeing

  • IMI

  • Horseback Riding

  • Marion Splash House

  • Talent Show & Party!

Service Days:

  • Community Garden weeding

  • Safe Families overnight bags

  • Mulching at Pendleton Community Church of God

  • Outfitters organizing, weeding, and cleaning

  • Helping at the Pendleton Elementary Green House and Gardens

  • Madison County Humane Society

  • Distributing Homeless Care Bags downtown Indy

  • Gifting Walmart Gift Cards & Praying with individuals and families

  • Thank Yous and Appreciation Letters

  • Praying over each School in SMCSC

Church & Lesson Guests:

  • Larry Cammarata

  • JT Sifuentes

  • Patrick Gray

  • Coach Evan Graves

  • Deb Feichter

  • Ryan Kellam

  • Gene Fletcher aka Coach Cobra

  • Ali Kinder

  • Todd Henderson

Life Skills, Science, Art:

  • Sewing

  • Friendship Bracelets & Necklaces

  • Yeast & Hydrogen Peroxide Reactions

  • Catapults

  • Laundry Detergent Taxidermy

  • Manners

  • Tie-Dye Shirts

  • Collaborating with the Holy Spirit Painting

  • Constructing the Armor of God

  • Creepie Crawlie Club

  • Envision Your Dreams Photo Painting

  • Electrical Science & Safety

  • Cooking

  • Spiritual Gifts Discovery

  • Sand & Turtle Science

  • Understanding Money & Money Management

  • Daily Devotions & God Questions

So yeah.. we were a little busy this summer ;)

To be able to experience all these awesome adventurous moments alongside our kids was indescribable! To be able to witness their spiritual, emotional, and mental growth (and their physical growth spurts! haha) was such an incredible blessing! We could not have asked for a more amazing summer than what we had.

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, faithful supporters! Thank you, families who entrusted your kids to us! Thank you, leaders & volunteers! Thank you, all who were involved with or supported Camp Victorious in any way!

Here are some blurbs about the summer from our fearless MTC Leaders:

>>My favorite moment of the summer was with camper Jacob, who was new to MTC. Jacob started off shy, but got used to us by the end of the summer. He always had the best, out-of-the-box quotes and jokes. While praying for the program one night, I got an overwhelming sense that Jacob is going to do something incredible with his life. Hearing this from God was amazing! I wanted to tell him and his mom in person, but things were always busy during pick-up that week. So I emailed her, and then told Jacob during the middle of the day. His smile after I told him what God said was worth it :) And his response to me after saying he'll be doing something incredible? "Yah, like poke a dog" with a silly grin.<<


>>What I love about summer camp is getting a chance to really know the youth. During the after school program, there's much less time and much to get through each day. During the summer program, there's time to really see the treasure inside. That gruff 6th grader who was always sarcastic with me, really just needed more time to get to know me. He invited me to his baseball games this summer. That kid who was "too cool for school," was just extremely shy. I got to watch him dance with a wig on and give a hilarious cooking class in front of his peers he grew to trust this summer. I got to see this kid who didn't even want to come to camp have songs sang about him and for him by his encouraging peers. I got to see a kid who always hid behind others come in first thing in the morning asking for prayer for her family, fighting in the Heavenlies on their behalf.

During the summer I get to see what God sees. I witness firsthand what only He can pull out of them.I get the inexpressible honor of being a part of these transformations. Thank you, Jesus for the summers.<<


>>Summer is a wild time. It's intense on every level, and I love it! We get to put aside all the pressures of school and day-to-day school drama and just be and grow together. We get to expand and grow together in our relationships, our faith, our understanding, our grace, our interests, and so much more. I most loved getting to know the caring, compassionate side as well as the goofy, weird side of each of the kids this summer. There is so much LOVE and so much WEIRDNESS in our incredible little group, and I LOVE it!

I particularly remember getting close to a sweet little blonde girl named Viki who she and I decided is my mini-me. However, she is way sweeter, much more caring, and a whole lot more intuitive than I ever was at her age. I admire her quiet, calm demeanor and endless compassion and care for others, especially those she holds dear to her heart. She without fail would pray for whatever was going on in our group, for her loved ones, for friends, for random strangers, for whoever needed it. It got to a point where I would turn to Viki for prayer for things in my life, and she would jump on it while reassuring me that God's got it. Summer with these kids has blessed me in ways I could not have imagined, and I thank God that He deemed me fit for the job.<<


NOWWW don't forget that the MTC FREE After-School Programs for all 4th-6th and 7th-8th graders starts on September 6th!

  • INT Program 3:30-6pm in the PES-I Aux Gym

  • MS Program 2:30-5pm in the PHMS Aux Gym

Featured Resource

Fall Creek Christian Church is our featured resource for the summer. This church is run by such an incredible and giving staff! We are very blessed to have their support of our organization, especially our Youth Outreach. They provide us with space for our summer camp, a van and bus for transportation, volunteer help, supplies for camp and other events, and constant prayer support, financial support, and encouragement! We love them!


To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Plan: Reach Up // To Reach Up is to live in pursuit and worship of God every day. Reach In // To Reach In is to fellowship with, minister to, and disciple each other. Reach Out// To Reach Out is to share the good news of Jesus with the world.

Senior Minister -- Tom Wiles

Associate Minister -- Andrew Hodges

Sunday Worship:

Adult Bible Class: 9:00 am

Traditional Service: 9:30 am The Pulse Morning Classes (7-12 grade): 9:45 am

Adult Bible Class: 9:45 am

Senior Moments Class: 10:45 am

Contemporary Service: 11:00 am

Saturday Nights at Fall Creek

Contemporary Service: 5:35p

Fall Creek offers SO MANY opportunities to get involved! They have several Events and Services as well as classes and gatherings for Life Groups, Men, Women, Youth of all ages and grades, and Neighborhood Lighthouses.

Located at 1102 W. 700 S, Pendleton, IN 46064

Check out more information and opportunities at their website here!

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