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Today is the first day of our last week of program at our free After-School Programs. I can't believe it! It seems like this semester has flown by, and it has truly been a blessing and honor to serve these students and their families. Time flies when you're having fun, right!?

It's absolutely incredible what all God has done for and through MTC in just a few short months. Here's a brief timeline recap for y'all:

December: Initial decision to follow God's calling to "do a new thing". Given the name More Than Conquerors (MTC). We immediately received church and individual support in moving forward.

January: Planning & learning (a whole lot of learning..) [Mission, Vision, Leadership Roles, Website, Business Plan, Outreach Directives, Government Paperwork, etc]. We began meeting with and speaking in front of churches and other groups.

February: Incorporation day 2/3/16! More Than Conquerors is official. Our first official funding comes in, and we were awarded our first grant! We acquired 501c3 status through a charter partnership with FCFI. Also, our first semester of our free After-School Programs started 2/28/16.

March: After-School Programs running strong, we planned our summer camp [Camp Victorious] in one day, and we hosted our first Family Fun Night 3/31/16 at Solid Rock Baptist Church! We started to gain more support through finances, prayer, encouragement, schools, etc. Also, we planned our next outreach move, which would serve our Young Adult sector.

April: After-School Programs still going strong, we went on our first youth Adventure 4/9/16, we hosted our second Family Fun Night 4/28/16 at Catalyst Church, and we kicked-off our Young Adult outreach with Trivia Night Tuesdays 4/12/16 at The Stable! We also opened our office up to the Bright Point Women's Bible Study to meet in, and we hosted our first Advisory Council Meeting there as well.

May: Now we're in May! Our After-School Programs are finishing out strong for the semester, our Trivia Nights are wrapping up with excitement for the next round, we went on our second exciting youth Adventure 5/13/16, and we will finish the semester with a super fun Family Fun Night/End of the Semester Party 5/19/16! We have had our first successful fundraising event [Highway 38 Sale 5/6-5/7], and we will be speaking in front of another church 5/22/16.

So as you can see, it's been a crazy awesome beginning! Let me tell you that when God declares that He is doing a new thing, then you better believe He's taking you on a grand adventure! There have been ups and downs, complete stand stills, and unexpected turn-arounds, but we know that our hope and trust is in the Lord. He will do this. He IS doing this!

Now looking forward, we have a few events coming up. Take a look at the info in the images below, and follow the links provided for registration and more information.

Family Fun Night/End of the Semester Party:

Camp Victorious:

MTC Golf Scramble:

Featured Resource

This week we want to highlight Catalyst Church! This church is where we hosted our April Family Fun Night - dinner & a movie. It was a wonderful evening of family-togetherness, and we were so grateful to use their beautiful space and work with their accommodating staff and members.

Catalyst's mission --> Growing in Christ, Connecting Together, Serving Pendleton and beyond. Check out their website to learn all about this ministry and what they offer for you. The church is located at 5550 S. State Rd 67. They love music at Catalyst! So be sure to check out their worship.

Catalyst is led by the amazing Pastor Chris Denney:

Sunday: Service at 10am [come early for coffee, fellowship, and to check-in your kids]

CKidz: after worship for infants to 8th grade.

5th Sundays: Kid-focused worship service on the 5th Sunday in months that have 5 Sundays

Message Podcasts: Catalyst offers its weekend messages via podcasts. Find them here.

Baptism: Baptism Next Steps will begin May 22nd. "Want to take a next step in your faith walk with Christ? Baptism could be that amazing next step on May 22nd. Email for more information."

Thank you for stopping by the MTC Blog today! Have an awesome day!

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