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Moving Forward

Exciting things have been happening for More Than Conquerors! I won't bore you with all the details.. because they may be exciting in the big picture, but I understand many of you won't need the details to get the idea. ;)

First of all, we want to give a shout out to our faithful supporters through all the craziness that is the beginning of this endeavor. We've had some pretty awesome people fighting for us! And of course we have an amazing Father who put them here to do just that! We couldn't do any of this without our amazing families, friends, mentors, churches, community, and visionaries. We are very grateful and blessed to have you, thank you!

Now onto business...

MTC is officially INCORPORATED in the state of Indiana. We filed our Articles of Incorporation early last week and received approval right away. We're official, guys! That was a new process for the MTC staff, but that's what's so exciting about all of this. It's all new!

We then applied for our EIN [tax ID] with the IRS to make us even more official. Let's face it, you don't exist until the federal government recognizes you. We're officially "on the grid". We get to pay taxes now...

Plus we're registered with the Indiana Department of Revenue. We're ready to be a functioning part of society.

The staff has written and compiled a Business Plan. It details the organization, purpose, operation, and future of More Than Conquerors. It is a whole 17 pages long! Along with a Business Plan, MTC has a Statement of Faith that lays out the basics of our faith in God and our love for Jesus Christ. And in case you haven't read it yet, we have our Mission & Vision on the website for you to check out what drives us. If you feel like diving into the details of our organization or just feel like doing some light reading for the evening, then email and she will be happy to send you any of these documents.

This week we had the privilege of opening a new Bank Account even. We are able to accept your financial support finally! And guess what... now you can donate to MTC online! (click the link or visit our Support page).

There's our business update! I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed it. We are excited to be getting all of this stuff set so that we can get more into the fun side of program and outreach planning and implementing. If you have any questions or want more details, hit up Katie, Caitlin, or Esta!

If you haven't done it yet, sign up with your email at the bottom of any page of the website to receive updates and new blog posts.

Talk to you soon!

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