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Pay Here

Camp Cost:

One-time registration fee for all students: $50

Weekly rate: $50

Cost for the entire summer (including registration): $450

Van Pick-up service: $5/week per household

Early Shirley


You can pay up front for the

summer and save!

Register and pay $400

by June 3rd and we will waive the registration fee.

Justin Time


You can pay weekly during the summer.


$50 for registration is due the first day your child attends in addition to your weekly payment.*


$50 for the week is due Tuesday at

drop-off each week.**


*If we don’t receive your $50 registration fee by the first day your child starts camp, they cannot attend until it is paid.


**If we don’t receive your $50 for the week by Tuesday, your student will not be allowed to attend camp until payment is caught up/fulfilled.

You can pay any amount online after registering, by check in mail, or check/cash in person.

You can send checks to:

More Than Conquerors

7558 S St Rd 67

Suite D

Pendleton, IN 46064

We will work with families with multiple conquerors.


For questions about payment plans and financial assistance you contact


765 620 9033

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