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WE COme. We Play.




At More Than Conquerors we are providing safe places to empower generations.


We run our free after-school activity program for grades 4th-8th in the South Madison Community School Corporation schools of Pendleton Elementary, Pendleton Intermediate, and Pendleton Heights Middle School.


We are a faith based program unaffiliated with the school system, but we welcome all to attend with or without religious background.


We won't push our beliefs on the kids, but we do provide opportunities to learn about Jesus and His love for every one of us. Our program exists to show God's love to all.


Our free program is for 4th-8th graders, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays.  Middle schoolers start earlier at 2:25pm, then elementary at 3:25pm, and we care for all students until 6pm.


You need to register your student once per school year even if your student has been to MTC before. We may close registration to keep our attendance at a safe and manageable amount.

We start immediately after the dismissal bell rings at the schools.


Elementary & Intermediate program is for 4th-6th graders, all schools.

However, we only have transportation for Pendleton Elementary and Intermediate.  We are unfortunately unable to arrange transport for Maple Ridge, East, or virtual students.


Middle school is for 7th-8th graders. Middle school begins 2:25pm and Elementary begins at 3:25pm. Both end at 6pm.


at Pendleton Community Church of God

636 E Water St, Pendleton

(behind Jimmies, across from Rawlin's House)

2:25pm until 6pm

You can pick up anytime before 6pm



Pick up details

Middle school students meet in the PHMS parking lot by the MTC van.

At 2:35pm, we drive to the church.

Pendleton Elementary/Intermediate students meet at the arches at 3:25pm, regardless of weather. Students with a responsible volunteer walk to the church,

or if it is raining/super cold we will take the van.



MTC After-School follows the South

Madison Community School Calendar holiday breaks

during the school year. 


This year we may offer special times or elearning spots if

school moves to all online learning.

Joining our email list is the best way to stay updated.

Our Spring 2023 Semester Program will be:


Monday, February 27th, 2023


Friday, May 19th, 2023 

You need to register your student once per school year

even if your student has attended MTC before.

Program Daily Schedule:

The General Daily Schedule starts about 3:25pm, (2:25pm for Middle school):

2:20pm/3:20pm - Meet Middle School students with van/Elementary students to walk together/East students get picked up

3:25-3:40 -- Free Time/Announcements/Prayer

3:40-4:15 -- Game/Group Activity Time

4:15-4:30 -- Snack Time & Bathroom/Drink Break

4:30-5:00 -- Lesson/Discussion Time/Circle Prayer

5:00-6:00 -- Homework/Study Time

You can find our program rules here. Our discipline system is giving push-ups. Kids are told the rules and culture of MTC, and we have found having a simple activity-based discipline helps them refocus. We ask for students' phones to be put away during activities.



The program ends at 6:00pm 

All guardians are expected to pick up their students by the time program ends. You can stay in your car if you prefer and we will walk students to you.

 Early pick up is no problem. You only need to register your student once per school year.


In 2023, we are not offering transportation for East, Maple Ridge, or virtual students. Students are allowed to attend, but we are unable to provide transportation.

Living amid/post pandemic presents its own challenges, but MTC will continue to focus on showing God's love first. We ask for patience and grace as we continue navigate this unprecedented time together.

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