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WE COme. We Play.




Below you will find how MTC is responding to the continued worldwide pandemic. We are choosing to respond respectfully to the government's authority and recommendations safely, while also in the full knowledge and trust that our God is the ultimate one in control.


We will create a safe space with the resources we have, and trust God to do the rest. 

We know none of us, especially kids, are perfect at social distancing every moment. 

We don't expect any to be perfect, and won't be harsh to those kids who forget. Due to our high rate of physical activity and eating times our safety focus will primarily be on personal hygiene and fresh air flow - followed then by masks (when mandated) and distance.


We are planning to be outside for as much as possible, doing lessons and

even homework outside, so please dress accordingly when attending.


If you are uncomfortable with our pandemic plan, you have the right to not send your student. We will not have shaming or blaming any who become sick or cause others to quarantine.

At MTC, we understand that illness can happen to any student or family as easily as it can happen to us.

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