Man Week Oct 30-Nov 2

This semester has presented a new challenge to us MTC ladies – our after-school program is 95% boys each day. That means 20-25 boys and (sometimes) one outnumbered girl. The first week we thought, oh the girls will come! But here we are 6 weeks in and yes we’ve gotten new kids- but you guessed it-more boys. Was it an adjustment? Yes. Do we miss our girls? Yes. Our program might be louder, our games have gotten more hardcore, our lesson time bit more rambunctious. But now we see God is doing something to our hearts, and these boys’ hearts, and we’re on board for the ride. So we have planned a Man Week October 30-November 2. A week dedicated to what God says a man is. Culture has twisted what

Fighting for Family

At MTC, we love the families God brings to us. We have such a beautiful array of families we get to pour into and do life with, and we are honored to be in the position that God has placed us in. We love you all no matter what your family looks like or what dissension exists within your clan, and our Heavenly Father loves you far more than we ever can. And that's pretty awesome. He is so good with His unwavering love. Family. It is one of the strongest units in this life. It is an unbreakable bond. It means you love unconditionally and have each other's back no matter what. It means you forgive and forget. You laugh together, weep in each other's arms, carry each other's burdens, and do life

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